If You Have About an Hour and All the Car Cleaning Supplies Necessary, You Can Properly Clean the Interior of Your Car

A clean car interior not only looks fantastic, it is also better for the health of yourself as well as your passengers. Even if your Hyundai Elantra has 189,000 miles, it can still look as good as new on the inside if you keep the interior clean. If you have about an hour and all the car cleaning supplies necessary, you can properly clean the interior of your car.

Vacuuming- Remove all the floor mats from your car and place them outside to be sprayed off with water. Using a vacuum with the proper attachments, vacuum all the seats and carpet in your car. Don't forget to get under the pedals on the driver's side and around the center console. Use a soft attachment to vacuum your dashboard and doors, be careful not to damage knobs or vents. Leather seats are prone to damage, so use caution.

Upholstery- Use our eco-friendly surface cleaner on the upholstery. You want to use caution around parts that can easily break. You can also clean your dashboard, center console and other hard surfaces. Again, use care to avoid causing any damage.

Windows- Don't forget to clean the windows on both the inside and outside so they look as good as new. Use caution when washing the inside of your rear window as heating lines and defogger grids damage easily.

When you are done, step back, take a good look at your car and smile because it will look simply grand. Now, go out and celebrate by cruising around in your super clean Elantra.